Asian Institute of Advanced Medicine

Asian Institute of Advanced Medicine (AIAM) is a Hong Kong-based international communication platform for medical research and applications. Founded by Asian and international leading experts, elite scholars and senior professors in the field of clinical medicine, basic research and multidisciplinary medicine, the Institute is committed to promoting the international exchange of research and development of advanced medical technologies and the transformation of results in Asia, sharing world-class cutting-edge research results with partners in the field of medicine and health and accelerating the industrialization and marketization of scientific research achievements.

Relying on extensive global medical resources and the advantages of the Asian Health Fund, with the joint collaboration of multi-disciplinary, cross-professional and forward-looking international medical experts, the Institute not only continues to engage in medical research, but also to match market demand, and strives to transfer the scientific research results into market application. The current fields of research cover preventive medicine, cancer and cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment, artificial intelligence, gene detection, stem cell and other frontier areas.

Adhering to the concept of "Advanced, Professional and Shared", the medical sharing ecosystem created by the AIAM has broken the barrier of cross-domain communication of medical specialties, and is continuously bolstering the medical industry in Asia and the world, as well as pursuing a strategic objective of healthy Asia.